Who we are?

Nowadays, we live in a physically and socially fragmented realities where a lot of humans are forced to live in a social exclusion and extreme poverty. This dramatic reality coexist with our conception about societies like a public places of coexistence and emerging centers of ideas to promote human rights.

Ànemos is a nonprofit organisation made up for young professionals whose mission is to promote critical awareness, education in values and promotion of citizen participation. We work to promote projects that we understand education as the main tool of social change and development for the achievement of a dignified life.

The objective of our work focuses to promote projects which advocacy the human rights in contexts where injustice has been imposed as a rule. The lead line of our methodology seek the practical knowledge of civic values that empower youth participation in democratic matters, essential for any just society.

Change is in our hands.

Our projects

Project of Cooperation and Democracy (CiD)

We are currently working on the design and promotion of an educational and international cooperation project, called Project of Cooperation and Democracy (CiD).


Ánemos is a nonprofit organisation financed through voluntary contributions from its members.

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